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Waldenburg at Caldecotte Miniature Railway 1/7/17

Public Running 2/7/17

Visiting Loco's 18th June 

Public Running 16th April 

Club Outing
5th November 2016


A few of our members took a trip down the Romeny Hythe and Dymchurch Railway for the End Of Season Parade, We travelled up and down in style in the Royal Saloon.

It was very cold but everyone still had a good day in the end, even those who got left behind when the train split in half and left without them!

Here is a video and a few pictures from the day taken by Ben.


Halloween 2016

(Vodeo contains loud & spooky noises)

We had a fantastic turn out at our Ghost Train this year so thank you to everyone that came along.


New Signals

We now have a Twitter for those who wish to follow us there, please follow us for regular updates.

Website Updates

  • New members news page where information and updates for members will be posted so check back occasionally
  • Updates to the Events Calendar


A Winters Tale

Since December the Caldecotte works team have been hard at it getting things ready for the 2016 season. The main work team are members Dave W, Mick P, Gorden G and Bob J, now and then other members pop by and give a hand.

Works and maintenance day is on a Thursday from around 9:30am until around 4pm all year round. If you turn up to help we will find a nice little job for you to do, track maintenance is an ongoing job that never stops.

Over the winter Dave W and Mick P have been working on the main container roof, they are building a new half pitch roof. This is to stop the steel roof of the container from rusting through and both containers have now been on site for 10 years and the clubhouse container will be getting the same treatment at some point. The other major job undertaken through the winter month is the sleeper replacement, which there was quite a few, section one from the level crossing up the bank past the containers needed the most replacing as it was the first section laid about six years ago. The sleeper changing job has been undertaken by Gorden G, often the rotting sleepers have been removed new ones are laid and fixed in place then the ballast is fettled in and packed under and around the new sleeper.

Following close behind is Bob J with the three wheeled bubble truck, it's a spirit level on wheels and tells us how the track is sitting. Bob pushes the truck along moving around 5 sleepers at a time keeping an eye on the little bubble, if the bubble is outside the centre circle the track is lifted gently and the ballast tamped under the sleeper until the bubble is where it should be for the section being worked on.

Soon it is hoped that work will start on the raised track. There is also quite a lot of gardening to be done, your help, even for an hour would be much appreciated and help get things moving a bit quicker and of course there's the tea breaks.

During our Sunday public running, Bank Holidays and birthday parties we could also do with a few more members to come along and help out even if it's just for a few hours. Extra help will be needed for our traction engine gathering (see the Events Calendar for the date)

By Bob J


Website Updates

There have been a few addtions to our site recently

  • Members Area - Members can use it to share things and communuicate easily with eveyone else
  • Updated Events Calendar - Showing time, place and location of events, linking to a map of the location
  • Linking us to Ridgmont Station - As we will hopefully be doing some joint events with them in the future
  • Updates to the Photo Gallery - Added more up to date images
  • Updated pictures in other places around the site
  • Some new video material